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Reward & Recognition Platform

Appreciation leads to motivation

With the MyReward platform, you can rest easy knowing your team is properly equipped with the tools they need for your team to succeed. The point-based solution is custom tailored to reinforce your organization’s mission, core values and targets and offers non-monetary and monetary recognition and reward options, including thousands of brand-named items and travel vouchers. MyReward takes away the guess work – everyone will be rewarded in a way that’s personal and most meaningful to them.

Management Recognition Tools

Give your managers the tools to recognize each person uniquely and independently. They can choose from monetary reward options, like points or spot awards, or non-monetary options like eCards or social feed shoutouts.

Peer to Peer Recognition Tools

Empower everyone on your team to recognize one another and you’ll see exceptional results – MyReward gives them the ability to nominate one another for points or to instantly celebrate achievements with social feed shoutouts or personal eCards.

Service Awards

Remove the burden of administrative work so you can focus on the celebration! You pick the items you’d like your team to choose from, and the platform notifies the recipient on their milestone date, allowing them to redeem for their award.

Sales & Strategic Rewards

Increase sales, reward customer loyalty, and ensure proper safety practices. MyReward automatically rewards chosen behaviors with points, which can then be used to redeem from the extensive reward catalogue.

Points can also be redeemed for charity donations as well as travel rewards including airfare, accommodations, vehicle rentals, restaurant gift certificates, or special event tickets.


MyReward works on all your devices

We’ve made sure it’s built to seamlessly integrate with any HR system. Available in both English and French, MyReward is intuitive and engaging making it easy to facilitate meaningful manager and peer interactions that drive the kind of exceptional performance businesses are looking for.

“Organizations that give frequent recognition are 41% more likely to see increased employee retention.”

(Human Resources Today Website)

We live and breathe rewards and recognition at Fraser & Hoyt Incentives, and our dynamic, experienced team works with our clients to deliver innovative solutions that push performance and exceed corporate objectives. We work with clients both public and private sector, and across industries ranging from grocery and retail to pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, and transportation. Our MyReward platform is flexible enough to scale from organizations ranging in size from 10—40,000+ participants, and customizable enough that no two platforms are ever the same.