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  • A woman standing in front of a computer watching a presentation

    When you look at a virtual event from a distance it seems much easier than the in-person alternative. You don’t have to worry about logistic issues like travel or booking a venue, and hey, that’s all true! Running a successful virtual event is a much more daunting task than it may seem, however, and it …

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  • A person holding a rainbow flag

    At Fraser & Hoyt Incentives, we consider ourself the expert in motivating teams and fostering work environments for our clients that reflect their company values and center around their teams’ success. We understand that each business environment is as unique as the employees who occupy them and work diligently to create incentive programs that reflect …

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  • A photo of a chapel in Croatia

    As we eagerly wait for leisure global travel to safely resume, we continue to reflect on incredible destinations we love. Allison Gillis, Manager of Travel Incentives, shares stories of a successful incentive travel program in Croatia to pique your wanderlust below.     Croatia, Full of Life  For those accustomed to exploring the many hidden gems …

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  • A digital creative person floating in the air surrounded by their tools

    If you’re a regular reader of our blogs, or a current client of ours, you’ll know by now that we offer best-in-class rewards and recognition, top tier travel incentives, and expert event organization. One thing you may not be familiar with however, is that over the past few years, we’ve been working hard to expand …

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  • A person smiling and gesturing with her hand into a laptop webcam

    As the global pandemic continues to affect our day-to-day lives it can be challenging to feel connected to our peers, friends, and families in the ways we would most like- particularly if they do not live in our community. They say that the best things in life are free; and sometimes the reward we want …

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  • A person sitting at a desk in their home, working on a laptop

    For some of us, working from home has been a challenging change of pace. The shift came quickly, and we all made do as best as we could — waiting for the day that we’d head back to our workplaces when everything was back to normal. Now that many of us have a year of …

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