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The Power of Recognition — And How to Harness It with MyReward

Recognition is an essential part of any company’s culture. In fact, you are more than likely to notice the benefits of recognition within the walls of your own organization.

Recognized employees tend to be more satisfied and feel rewarded for the accomplishments they made. When employees feel acknowledged, they show up to work more satisfied. This in turn helps create a workforce that’s less stressed, shows up on time, and stays with your organization longer.

Today’s technology is making us much more effective at recognition. Platforms such as MyReward, which allows for much more meaningful, personalized, and timely ways to deliver the congratulations your peers, friends and loved ones deserve.

Connecting with your Colleagues:  

MyReward makes it easy to connect with your teammates, even from remote work settings.

eCards allow for your next thank you email to feel and be more personal and fun. You have the option of selecting from our growing catalogue of eCards designed with a wide variety of occasions in mind. These can be sent to members of your team internally or sent to someone outside of your organization by email.

Nominations allow you to nominate your peers that are going above and beyond. When you Nominate your peers, you are nominating them to receive points, and when you do, you are not only recognizing their contributions personally, but highlighting their contributions to their superiors as well. 

Connecting With Your Loved Ones:

Not only does MyReward make it easy to connect with your teammates, but it is a great tool to connect with your loved ones.

Virtual Gift Cards allow you to cash in your reward points to treat your loved one to a retailer or restaurant they most enjoy through our expansive collection of virtual gift cards.

MyReward platform is also stocked with a wide variety of collaborative activity options for when you’re meeting up in person. Shop from a wide array of outdoor games, sporting equipment, camping gear, and more! Alternatively, the platform also boasts a wide selection of patio enhancements to outfit your outdoor spaces for the next cook up including patio sets, barbeques, fire pits, smokers, and hammocks.

It is never too late to start recognizing the ones that mean the most. It sets a model, and it fuels the idea that every employee plays a role in building your organization’s culture.

Reach out to us today so we can develop a meaningful reward recognition program that can bring you closer to your team.