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Younger Workers Embracing Office Culture

Businesses around the globe are hoping to bring their employees back into the office; to their surprise, the youngest and newest members of the team are the first to show up.

New graduates are learning that they may be the only ones wanting to jump into the office space. After living through a global pandemic for more than two years, our older colleagues have adapted to dedicated home office spaces and a work from home environment. 
As a 23-year-old recent graduate, this is something that is completely shocking to me. I have been pursuing remote and online education for the last two years. When leaving school, I was surprised to be one of the only ones wanting to get back into the office as the pandemic was slowly coming to an end. 
Online learning had a significant impact on my professional development. I now thrive as being part of the young generation to ditch the online culture to move to in person and hands on.

A study conducted by ENGINE INSIGHTS showed that 95% of Generation Z & 93% of Millennial workers are having difficulty working from home.  
Many organizations around the world are switching to a hybrid working model, allowing employees to have a combined schedule to work from home and to work in the office. 
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