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Industry Insights

  • With working from home being part of the new normal, plenty of teams are coming up against new communication challenges every day. We’ve had to create workspaces at home to help us focus, adjust how we hand off work to colleagues, and change how we communicate daily. One particularly tricky situation people are finding themselves …

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  • Here we are, five months into our “new normal” amidst the global Covid-19 pandemic. For many industries, working from home has become routine out of necessity. Gone are the days of donning a shirt and tie during peak productive hours, instead most are opting for relaxed fits day-to-day. As the first month of remote work brought the need …

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  • Destination Highlight: Argentina

    By: Kelly MacDonald

    Memories of Argentina Kelly MacDonald, Manager of Industry Relations  Travel is in my blood.  It is not something I simply do for my career but it is a lifelong passion.  Exploring new destinations, sampling the local cuisine and meeting new friends is highly addictive.  If you are like me, you are also dreaming about packing your bags for the …

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  • Our Team: Meet Debra Reid

    By: Jamie Keating

    In our ‘Meet our Team’ series, we’ll be introducing you to another side of associates at FHI through a personal Q&A. Each person brings a uniqueness that completes our close-knit team.  Meet the first face you will likely encounter as you enter our offices at Fraser & Hoyt Incentives, Debra Reid. Stationed front and centre to the …

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  • Fraser & Hoyt is committed to standing by employers during these challenging times, and we are pleased to offer one-on-one guidance to any employer who could benefit from our expertise. In addition, we are extending to new clients, reduced set-up fees for any points-based merchandise platform. We are here for you, and we will all …

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