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New Years Recognition Resolutions 

As 2021 comes to a close, it is time to start reflecting on the big wins, growth opportunities and maybe a few of the losses (read: lessons) we learned this past year. With all this time reflecting we, of course, begin to plot our plans for the future and set our goals for the year ahead.

As you outline those company resolutions for 2022, why not consider adding some of the following? 

Resolution #1 – We will encourage our team to recognize one another weekly 

Teams respond strongly to peer-to-peer recognition. Start 2022 off on the right foot by encouraging team members to nominate someone at the end of every week who deserves recognition for a job well done. 

You can choose to offer a thank you gift, points drop, or have a weekly kudos meeting to acknowledge all the nominees or the most nominated person on the team! 

Resolution #2 – We will have managers recognize their team members personally each [timeframe]

While the timeline is up to you: weekly, monthly or quarterly based on the size of the teams they manage; keep moral and communication high with your staff by having managers send a personal note, email or eCard to each member of their team thanking them for their unique contributions to company goals or upholding and demonstrating corporate values. 

Resolution #3 – We will find new and engaging ways to reward and incentivize our staff to bring their best every day

Is this the year you finally plan that retreat for your top achievers? Add a wellness program to your benefits package? Increase your per-employee merchandise incentives spend? Start a regular team celebration event? 

Take stock of how you are presently motivating your team into action and look for spaces where you can grow.  

If you’re unsure on what options might exist, please reach out to us– we have been the experts in employee motivation and success for over 30 years! 

Resolution #4 – We will celebrate our wins of all sizes. 

It can be easy to keep our focus on celebrating once our team reaches the next big milestone, but in 2022 work to resolve to celebrate wins of all sizes in your organization.  

By setting smaller milestones and acknowledging hitting them, you are sure to keep your team more engaged along the way to getting to those larger goals. 

Resolution #5 – We will make our employee recognition as personal as possible 

Nothing says, “I value you, truly!” more than a tailored reward or personalized recognition. We are pleased at Fraser & Hoyt to make this resolution an easy one to knock off your list with our highly customizable, points-based recognition platform, MyReward. 

With MyReward your team have the luxury of shopping hundreds of items from the brands they love most!  


Whatever your resolutions are for 2022, we wish you every success in the new year. Should you need support through crafting the perfect rewards, recognition, or incentive travel program for your team, we are here to help celebrate each win! Reach out today to find out more about how Fraser & Hoyt Incentives can be your ideal success partner for 2022, and beyond.