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Elevate your event experience with an EventMobi app

At FHI, we’re proud to partner with Eventmobi to provide our clients with an industry leading easy-to-use event app, offering all the tools and technology needed to engage target groups – whether in-person or hybrid. Each app is developed on a per-event basis, ensuring that all elements (including branding, layout, functionalities, language preferences etc.) are tailored to your unique program needs.  

The 5 Best Virtual Event Platforms For Converting Your In Person Event

Basic functionalities include:  

  • Timed and ad hoc notifications to ensure attendees receive reminders and updates 
  • Speaker Bios, Session & Activity Descriptions, Feedback Surveys
  • Personalized Agendas 
  • Important information for your event, including location, weather, dress code & transportation details
  • Direct link to Fraser & Hoyt on-site staff to answer attendee questions 
  • Centralized social feed for attendees to post photos and communicate

Additional functionality which can bring engagement to the next level: 

  • Q&A: Attendees submit questions (anonymously or not) into the app’s platform, where all attendees can up-vote the question so the speaker knows which are the most burning issues for the audience.  
  • Live Polling: Gather live data from your audience directly through the app, which can be displayed on-screen as graphs or charts, increasing interactivity and engagement.  
  • Gamification: Incent & engage participants throughout your event with questions/tasks that win them points. Display a leaderboard in common areas to boost competitiveness! Tasks can be geared to drive knowledge acquisition, or a behaviour such as visiting tradeshow booths. 
  • Hybrid/Virtual Capabilities: Stream live content directly through the app and give attendees one central point of congregation, no matter where they are!  

If the idea of a mobile app gets you excited, reach out to us. We would love to chat with you about the countless benefits that an app can provide to any event.