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Out-of-the-Box Productivity Ideas to Try Today

Ready to hit every target this season but conscious that your old strategies to get there won’t cut it? Try these out-of the-box productivity tips for you and your team.

Say “NO” to what isn’t in alignment

Does your team often speak about goals and corporate values? By creating a culture where we stay focused on those guiding lights (both big and small), we make saying “no” that much easier to the things that aren’t in alignment.

Is this an activity that won’t move the needle forward on one of our present missions? “Nope.”

Is this task a time-filler or done out of mere routine? “No, thank you!”

Would this task be better suited to another time for our team based on what we are working towards? “See ya later!”

Play with how your team approaches their tasks this week. What can wait? What can be broken down into smaller tasks? Say no to anything that isn’t in alignment with where you are focused on heading right now.

Try the ‘No To-Do List’ Method

If you are someone who relies heavily on always having a to-do list on your desk, this one is going to result in some recoil, we know. The ‘No To-Do List’ approach to productivity is a simple one, and you may be surprised by the results it gets for you and your team.

Instead of racking up an endless to-do list that you need to cross reference, reprioritize, and shuffle around, try this for a week and see what your productivity looks like:

  1. Task comes in
  2. Estimate the amount of time it will take to complete
  3. Schedule it into your calendar

By pre-designating a time, and amount of time, for your to-do list items, you can create a much more simplified workday with the bonus of being able to see where you have extra time in the week.

We understand that this can’t work with every task, especially administrative ones, so be sure to block yourself some set time daily for admin work, too.

Be one(ish) with nature

Bring nature into your space. So simple, yet so effective. It is incredible what kind of an effect nature can have on our minds. It can bring calm, focus, and inspiration. The best part? It is an easy one to implement into your workday:

  • Add a new plant to your workspace
  • Open the blinds for natural light
  • Open a window and let the breeze come in
  • Take a walk doing your break to reenergize and get some fresh air

Centre yourself

And finally, (but maybe the first one you should do in the day): centering yourself.

Now, centering yourself doesn’t need to look like an office yoga or meditation circle, in fact it can just look like intentional breathing.

Box breathing is a four-part process that increases mental clarity and focus, calms the body and nervous system, and decreases stress. Take a seat on a chair with your feet flat on the ground, or sit on the floor at your desk if that is an option:

  1. Inhale for a count of four
  2. Hold your breath for a count of four at the top
  3. Exhale for a count of four
  4. Hold for a count of four

By repeating this process for anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes, you will put yourself in the best mindset to achieve all your tasks and goals. What’s more? It can be repeated at any time during the day when you feel your focus wavering or stress creeping in.


Have you tried any of the above ideas for a boost in productivity before? We would love to hear more about what has worked for your team and where you still need some incentive to drive productivity moving forward.

We at FHI know and celebrate the value of a well-structured incentive reward program to inspire and drive your team to do more. Reach out to use to learn more about how we can help you have your most productive year yet in 2022.