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Industry Insights

  • Employees celebrating with glasses of wine

    As our clients well know, we take pride in our team. Each associate brings a unique wealth of knowledge and perspective to our growing business. Today, we are adding to our diverse knowledge base by welcoming Erika Wien as Director, Business Development.   In this newly created role, Erika will lead all business development and …

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  • A group of people joining hands in the center

    Wellness Rewards Programs

    By: Ellen Tomie

    Life is all about balance, and as 62% of the Canadian workforce cite work as their main source of stress it is important as employers to strategize ways to combat this. Employees who are over-stressed at work can suffer reduced mental alertness and motivation, increased irritability, decreased productivity, and fall subject to accident or interpersonal …

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  • Three people cycling through the trees

    If we are discussing major corporate trends it is impossible to overlook the rise in research and prevalence around wellness in the workplace. Have you considered implementing wellness activities into your next incentive travel program? This is an easier value add than you might recognize and can be integrated into your trip itinerary seamlessly. Education …

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  • A view of a hillside in Bali

    Destination Highlight: Bali

    By: Caroline Fraser

    Many have called their time in Bali transformative- returning feeling rejuvenated and untroubled. The novel turned film ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ evokes a serene nearly divine place on earth, occupied by gentle, smiling locals who spend their days meditating on the rice terraces. One of our associates, Caroline Fraser, spent three weeks exploring the Island of …

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  • Employee Appreciation Day superimposed over a group of people joining hands

    Employee appreciation is a crucial component of company culture. When employees feel that your company cares, team morale and engagement will soar. This Employee Appreciation Day, go above and beyond to show your employees how much you appreciate their efforts and hard work. So, how do you effectively say thank you? It’s important to keep …

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  • View of a plane aisle

    How to Survive a Long-Haul Flight

    By: Caroline Fraser

    For even the frequent traveler, long-haul flights can be daunting. We’re sharing our best tips to help you conquer your next long-haul flight, so you land refreshed and ready to tackle your new destination. Stay Hydrated– If you were to spend a day in the desert, hydration would be your top priority (we would hope), so …

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