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Incorporating Wellness Into Your Next Incentive Trip

If we are discussing major corporate trends it is impossible to overlook the rise in research and prevalence around wellness in the workplace.

Have you considered implementing wellness activities into your next incentive travel program? This is an easier value add than you might recognize and can be integrated into your trip itinerary seamlessly.

Education & Skill Building

While a tour around the golf links has been a long-standing wellness favourite among corporate travel groups, there is also increasing popularity in mindfulness-based practices such as group meditation and yoga to promote health and relaxation.

Why not include new and fun health-related tours and activities for your next travel program? Employee’s lives can be enriched with the exposure to new skills and activities that they can, in turn, continue to explore and develop once back at home.

Imagine a group capoeira class during your retreat in Brazil; a merengue lesson for your team during their time in Dominican Republic, or a game of cricket to compliment your group yoga practice in India.

Engagement and Team Building

Through wellness activities that are sport, martial arts or dance related, your team can strengthen their bond and ability to work together, and create more dynamic personal relationships to bring back to the workplace with them long after their trip is through; enriching corporate culture and fostering more adaptable employees.

Cultural Enrichment

While much discussion surrounding wellness centres on activity, diet is equally important to a lifestyle of wellness. Consider adding a healthy food-centric element to your next incentive travel program such as a Farm to Table Food Tour in Kelowna, British Columbia, or traditional cooking lessons using authentic and locally farmed ingredients in Mexico.

By prioritizing wellness in your organization, you can nurture and develop a healthier, happier, and more agile team both in and out of the office.

Fraser & Hoyt Incentives can help you to find the right wellness activities for your team during your next incentive travel program, ask us how!