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Impactful Ways to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

Employee appreciation is a crucial component of company culture. When employees feel that your company cares, team morale and engagement will soar. This Employee Appreciation Day, go above and beyond to show your employees how much you appreciate their efforts and hard work.

So, how do you effectively say thank you?

It’s important to keep in mind that the one size fits all mentality of recognition has fizzled out.  What motivates an employee can vary greatly with the uniqueness of each individual. With Millennials soon accounting for half of our workforce, it’s more important than ever to offer flexibility in your recognition options. Our My Thanks to You recognition platform offers a variety of ways to recognize your colleagues- whether it’s through an eCard, your social feed, or with points. Should you choose to recognize with points, the recipient has the ability to choose their own reward from our robust merchandise catalogue. By giving employees the power to choose their reward, you can have peace of mind that your appreciation has an impact.

If your company isn’t currently integrated with a robust recognition platform- don’t fret! Below we’ve outlined some impactful ways to say thank you to your employees on Employee Appreciation Day.

For those who stay active, bring in a masseuse to the office. A simple pleasure that your employees (and their backs) will thank you for.

For those with the competitive edge, encourage employees to bring in their favorite game. A break from their desks and workload will go a long way – plus it’s a great team building exercise!

For the busy-bees, hand out gift certificates for childcare and dinner or a housecleaning service. Employees support system often goes unnoticed so by treating them to an evening with their loved one, your appreciation will extend beyond your employee.

For those who appreciate the finer things, how about upgrading office furniture? Whether it’s a new desk chair or a new plant for the break room, refreshing the space can help refresh the mind!

For those who seem to not need anything at all, sometimes a simple handwritten note or a small bouquet of flowers can go a long way in showing how much you care.

We also strongly encourage you to ask your team how they would like to celebrate the non-official holiday. By broadcasting a conversation around the topic, you’ll further promote the importance of recognition and appreciation as part of your company’s culture.

We hope you continue to think of us as your partner in the recognition industry. We’re always here to help engage, empower, and excite your employees, dealers, or customers. From our team to yours – Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

We look forward to celebrating your success.

Jamie Keating
President, Fraser & Hoyt Incentives