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Employee Appreciation Day on March 6th, 2020

Impact. It’s a small word, but the definition means a strong effect or forcible contact. Have you considered how you are impacting those around you? Debra Reid, FHI’s Account Executive, shares impactful ways to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day this year.

“With Employee Appreciation Day just around the corner, this year on Friday, March 6, 2020, I have been thinking a lot about the meaning of impact, and how I have impacted my colleagues, how I have impacted employees when I was in a management position, and how my managers and teammates actions impact me. It is truly amazing the impact a small act of kindness, taking the time to say thank you, acknowledging your peers can truly have.

There is no arguing the impact employee engagement can have on a business. An engaged employee is passionate about their work and the success of the company. Engaged employees are less likely to look for other employment, and companies with highly engaged employees generate 2.5x more revenue compared to the ones with less or no engagement at all.[1] Consider your workplace culture, and your employee engagement and recognition initiatives, do you believe you have an engaged workforce?

If your company isn’t currently integrated with a robust recognition system, like our MyReward platform – don’t fret! Below we’ve outlined some impromptu ideas to show your employees how much you truly appreciate them on Employee Appreciation Day.

Silhouette of a person doing yoga next to the water

Get your team moving by hosting a corporate yoga or Zumba session

People working with concrete to build a home

Get out of the office for a community give back initiative such as a Habitat for Humanity Build or visit a Seniors Centre

Someone taking a photo of food with their phone

Offer your employees work-life balance via certificates for home meal delivery services

A basketball going through a basketball net

Rent out the court at a local gym and try your hand at a friendly game of basketball, squash or pickle ball

An overhead shot of a detective's desk.

Visit a local Escape Room, Museum or Science Centre for some fun and challenging corporate team building

A bookshelf full of colourful books

Create an office library where employees can enjoy time to read on their lunch break, consider including a magazine subscription or two to keep content fresh during the year

A thank you card with flowers and gifts

Take a few minutes to leave a personalized post it note at each desk, thanking your team for their efforts

Two people's hands holding cups of coffee

Set aside an 30 min to take a new hire or two out for coffee. Getting to know each other on a personal level will establish a strong bond from day one

You don’t need to wait for a once a year celebration on Employee Appreciation Day to show your employees they are valued. Consider the impact your actions have when they are done timely. Don’t wait to say thank you, or for someone else to do it, take the opportunity as it’s presented to show your gratitude for your colleagues. Remember, recognition builds productivity and success.”

“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.”
– Simon Sinek

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