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Looking Towards 2021 With Optimism

As this unprecedented year comes to close, we are reflecting on the challenges so many have been forced to overcome.  It is said that you cannot appreciate light without experiencing some darkness and there are no truer words than these for what we have all collectively endured over this past year. While there were challenges, 2020 has also been an illuminating year that brought the world together in ways we never could have predicted, even amidst a global health, climate, and social crisis.

For these reasons, as we look toward 2021, we have optimism for an even better future. What exactly did come out of the last year that will positively impact your own business? More than you might think:

Increased connectivity and communication

What feels like a millennia ago in March, when the pandemic first arrived in North America, companies had to pivot their day-to-day operations, fast. From a need to create new internal processes and a highlighted importance on communication strategies, many businesses can now walk in to 2021 better equipped to take on any hurdle that might limit in-person connection between team members, clients, suppliers, and more.

Across essential service industries we saw communities come together to defend, protect, and celebrate in thanks those who do not have the option to work safely from home. Communities learned collective mindfulness: an awareness for those around them, particularly the most vulnerable. As employers, we learned the importance of keeping the morale of our employees high, and how far even simple thanks and recognition can go for our team’s day-to-day happiness.

Focus on local first

Overwhelmingly, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought to light the importance of supporting local businesses and the struggles that small businesses have had to face this year. We have seen, from all corners of the planet, a community-hive mentality emerge and ongoing efforts to support local and small businesses, not-for-profits and charities alike.

This shift in buying-power mentality is something we expect to see carry into 2021: communities coming together to help boost one another through the pandemic to reach the other side. We at Fraser & Hoyt Incentives continue to support small business however we can, and this effort extends to our MyReward platform where donations, products and gifts certificates from small and local business’ across the country can be added to our client’s custom rewards catalogue. Celebrating your staff and empowering them to support their local economies? Now that is something to feel great about!

Increased awareness for mental health

With so much uncertainty all around us in 2020, it is no surprise that there has been a major increase in awareness around the need to support the mental health of our employees, friends, and loved ones. We have seen this year a flood of accessible strategies for managing things like anxiety and depression, and in turn the increased and pressing importance of mental health care being a necessity in workplace health programs.

For more information on how mental health affects the workplace you can check out our blog post from World Mental Health Day.

Greater understanding of appreciation and kindness

Ultimately, if there is one great lesson to take away from 2020 as we transition into the new year, it is that kindness is worth its weight in gold. Showing our gratitude to those we care for, as well as those who make our businesses flourish, is paramount to ongoing successes and happiness in 2021 and beyond. Whether you appreciate in big or small ways, do it often and with sincerity- you would be amazed how far this can go for those around you, particularly your own staff.

If you are looking for ideas on how to show your team your appreciation try our blog post here on Making Recognition Meaningful.

With only a few short weeks left in 2020, we are on the home stretch. It is our hope that, like us, you will look towards 2021 with optimism. Optimism for more kind, unified, considerate, and fulfilled communities, and by extension, businesses. If you are considering a new recognition or rewards program in 2021 to better celebrate your team, replace an existing incentive travel program temporarily, or are looking to expand or refocus your current rewards and recognition program, we would love to talk with you about how we can help. We wish you every success in 2021 and look forward to celebrating each of your wins with you.