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Proven Ways To Boost Activity On Your Reward & Recognition Platform

So, you’ve got your new reward and recognition platform up and running — congratulations! Now the final step is putting it to work, and easiest way to make sure the program is a success is by having a team of engaged employees.

Using a recognition platform should be an automatically rewarding experience, and for many workplaces it is. Being rewarded for a job well done feels good, and rewarding others feels even better. Occasionally, however, it can be a challenge to get your team active on the platform and engaged with rewarding and recognizing their colleagues.

To help overcome this challenge, we’re sharing a few suggestions that can help start your platform on the right foot, or even revitalize your existing program with some fresh new ideas:

  • If you’re starting up a brand new program, why not give your employees a boost with $5-$10 worth of points per employee who signs in during the launch week?
  • Host a trivia event in the office, with a prize pool featuring items from your reward platform.
  • If your organization has health and safety training or similar workplace training initiatives, why not incentivise employees with a point bonus for completing their courses?
  • Reward employees who take on wellness initiatives like biking or walking to work, or taking part in workout classes.
  • Do you volunteer in the community around the holidays? Employees will be encouraged to send in their stories and will be entered into a point draw, right in time for some holiday shopping.

If your company generally operates in a more remote capacity or has multiple offices, you could also consider incorporating physical materials at common checkpoints to encourage more participation. This can be as simple as a sign by the water cooler, or a full on campaign with flyers and handouts (as a nice bonus when you use a program like MyReward, you have access to a creative team that can create these kinds of materials).

We’ve shared some of our favourite ways to kick engagement up a notch, but we’d love to hear some of your favourites too! Get in touch with us today and share your favourite engagement tips and tricks and we may feature your ideas in an upcoming article.