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Spring Cleaning: Your Mind, Decluttered

There is something about the springtime that inspires action. Somewhere among the days lengthening, air becoming warmer and first blooms popping out of the earth comes the urge to grow, expand, and take inspired action forward.

When we think about spring cleaning images of packed up mittens, tidied cupboards, and garage purges come to mind: Methods of removing the old, unused, and outgrown parts of our homes in favour of more space for who we we’ll become next, and what that we might require to thrive.

A beautiful biproduct of spring cleaning, however, is not in the emergence of a more clean and decluttered space; it is the emergence of a clean and decluttered mind, as well as myriad other positive mental health effects. With so many of us still working from home, and the line between home life and work life so blurred, you might be amazed at how making time to mindfully declutter your space can enhance your ability to execute your job to the fullest potential.

Benefits of Spring Cleaning on Mental Health

  1. Creating a sense of calm
    Going through a particularly stressful time at work? The repetitive actions required in cleaning your home can foster a sense of calm as well as a feeling of being in control of your environment. This can be particularly beneficial at times when we might feel that things are a little out of control “in the office”.
  2. Increased focus
    When our environments are clutter free, organized and smelling fresh there are far fewer environmental distractions to compete with, leaving your mind free to focus on the task at hand and ultimately increasing your productivity.
  3. Improved mood
    Studies have shown that clean sheets and a made bed lead to a better night’s sleep. Couple being well rested with the anxiety reducing benefits of cleaning mentioned above, and the satisfaction of seeing your space go from shabby to sparkling can really boost your mood, making it easier to cope with workplace stress and fostering more amicable workplace relationships.

If you liked these tips for a decluttered mind and the mental health benefits of cleaning your space be sure to check out our secondary post Spring Cleaning: Your Workspace, Decluttered for our tips and tricks for organizing your physical office space for your most productive work season yet!