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The Beginning of Fraser & Hoyt Incentives…

Ever wonder how Fraser & Hoyt Incentives came to be? Brien Fraser, Chairman of the Board, shares the story below…

“In the mid 1980s the Fraser & Hoyt Group embarked on an ambitious venture – launching an in-bound Nova Scotian tour company, targeting the American consumer. After three years of moderate success, the decision was made to refocus our resources elsewhere – specifically in the burgeoning Incentives market. Our associates in the previous tour company were creative, client-focused and high energy – all elements needed to succeed in Incentives!

To better inform us of this sector we contracted an incentives industry leader to guide us as we built this new company. Education was key at this point; we attended international incentive conferences, queried corporations with incentive programs, and dissected and learned from international incentive case studies.

To launch Fraser & Hoyt Incentives, a seminar entitled, “The Power of Dreams” was developed; selected corporations participated in these sessions. Those who expressed real interest were then invited to 4 days in either Amsterdam or New York, where they experienced first-hand the merits of a well-run incentive travel program.

So began Fraser & Hoyt Incentives! It was 1987.

Initially, our target market was Atlantic Canada. Our product was travel incentives. We are grateful to those Atlantic Canadian companies who were among our first clients and remain clients to this day. In the 1990’s we launched premium (merchandise), point-based incentives. Now, our customers, from diverse industries, are located throughout Canada.

From day one, the goal has been to “deliver a little magic” to our incentive programs; that objective remains. The company has grown significantly since 1987. While not the biggest incentive company, we always strive to be the best. In doing so, our associates also learn and grow, yielding a better product for our customers.

Today Fraser & Hoyt is a Canadian industry leader in reward and recognition programs. We are uniquely dedicated to our clients and continue to expand our global network of partners to ensure our clients can experience the extraordinary.”