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The Top 8 Reasons Employees Leave Their Jobs & How You Can Work To Minimize Them Pt. 02

The strongest corporate cultures keep employees engaged, happy, and motivated to come to work at their best most every day. Today we are looking at the rest of the top reasons employees consider seeking out new employment, and how we can help you to avoid that through both your internal rewards program, and non-reward corporate culture initiatives.

In case you missed Part 1, you can access it here.

5. They don’t see how they are contributing to the overall corporate goals

You can never assume that your team is fully aware of the visions, goals, and growth plan of the business. It is crucial to ensure that ongoing communication on each of these items is made a priority in team communications.

No-Cost Solution: Another no-cost retention solution for employees is simply to ensure that your team members are aware of exactly how their contributions are supporting the larger company goals. This should both motivate and inspire them as they will be able to see how their work provides to the larger vision.

By helping your employees see how meaningful their work can be, they will be more inspired by seeing how they make a difference, big or small, every day.

6. They don’t feel they have independence on the job

Being empowered, autonomous, and independent in our work are traits that your teams need to both pursue and embrace whole-heartedly.

No-Cost Solution: Creating a culture of accountability is a no-cost solution that goes a long way to engage your employees. Allowing each team member to take ownership for their responsibilities will ensure their overall productivity, drive and happiness.

Low-Cost Solution: Be sure to acknowledge your independent self-starters through your incentive rewards program, like MyReward, through a points drop when they complete meaningful projects or tasks of their own developing or leadership. By reinforcing their independent initiatives, you will see more of them moving forward.

7. They don’t feel knowledgeable about the financial stability of the business

When employees feel unsure about the security of their positions due to major or minor changes within your business (or say, a global pandemic), they are more apt to seek out a workplace that can offer the stability they crave.

Solution: By creating a sense of transparency with your teams around your organization’s plans to stay on track, negative incidents, mergers, and more you will foster deeper trust and respect for the leadership – through this you will find more employee loyalty and ease of concern, leading, of course, to higher retention.

You can never be too transparent with your teams when working to alleviate their worries, particularly following the many operation and industry changes from the ongoing pandemic.

8. The overall corporate culture lacks

The overall corporate culture of your place of business is important. How well you compensate employees; what benefits are offered; the events, celebrations, and team-building exercises you engage in; as well as employee appreciation and mutual respect all go a long way to creating a place where someone wants to work.

Varying-Cost Solution: If you do not have one in place already a strong Employee Rewards and Recognition Program can be a vital addition to your other benefits packages and respect culture in the workplace.


FHI is proud of the impact that our point-based MyReward  recognition platform has on all of our clients. It allows managers to show appreciation and recognition through points drops, and team members to nominate one another, send eCards, and reward themselves for a job well done with a gift of their choosing. Our platform also instantly incentivizes repeat business, can house sales contests, and generate service rewards. If you are curious about how MyReward can best serve your business you can learn more about it here.

FHI is also proud to boast some seriously awe-inspiring Incentive Travel Programs all over the world for our clients; the ultimate thank-you for a job well done and the most effective tool to motivate your sales representatives, dealers, franchisees and more to hit their targets out of the park—bar, none.

No matter how you choose to action recognition in your workplaces it is important to recognize that, as outlined above, there are many employee pain-points that can be best addressed through open communication, one-on-one meetings, and verbal or written praise. Taking this to the next level through a structured employee recognition, rewards, or travel program will only offer an even more desirable corporate culture for your present and future team members.

If you are curious about how a customized rewards program might best benefit your corporate culture and bottom line, we would be happy to engage with you on it. Reach out today to take the next steps towards being someone’s dream employer.