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Unique solutions for recognizing and rewarding remote working employees

Fraser & Hoyt is committed to standing by employers during these challenging times, and we are pleased to offer one-on-one guidance to any employer who could benefit from our expertise. In addition, we are extending to new clients, reduced set-up fees for any points-based merchandise platform. We are here for you, and we will all get through this together.

As safety measures have increased over the last few months, COVID-19 has certainly changed the face of the workforce across the world. With many employers transitioning their staff to remote work, it can be challenging to continue to evoke a strong sense of team and engage staff members to continue to collaborate and celebrate wins of all sizes.

We at Fraser & Hoyt Incentives believe that agility and adaptability are some of the strongest assets in team engagement. We too have had to adapt our day-to-day operations, and want to share some of our own ideas on how you can continue to highlight your teams, reward their successes, and celebrate your company wins through no-to-low cost recognition solutions during this time.

Unique No-Cost Solutions for Recognizing and Rewarding Remote Working Employees

  1. Why highlight a single employee yourself when you can allow them to highlight each other? Adopt a Cheers for Peers style of recognition internally on Slack, Teams, Zoom or whatever other communication software you’re using where all team members are encouraged to do a weekly or bi-weekly shout-out to another staff member for a job well done to boost team morale all around!
  2. Create some new monthly awards for your remote working staff and host a virtual Happy Hour to dole them out! Some ideas could include: Happiest Person to Be Working Remotely, Remote Worker With The Most Unique/Creative Work Location, Hardest Remote Worker To Get In Touch With, Most Helpful Remote Worker
  3. Show your team you care about the success of their careers by having managers write LinkedIn recommendations for their team members or consider updating or assigning new/improved job titles for your employees.
  4. Encourage ideas by highlighting well written blog posts or articles from your teams and submitting them to magazines or other publications relevant to your industry on their behalf.

Unique Low-Cost Solutions for Recognizing and Rewarding Remote Working Employees

  1. Allow a designated number of hours per week paid for employees who choose to volunteer in their communities with organizations they care about. Similarly, offer donation matching for employees wishing to donate to local charities in their communities.
  2. Create, or have someone else create, custom emojis for your Slack, Teams, or other chat channels that feel unique or custom to each staff member to make communication more fun and engaging.
  3. Plan a surprise delivery to a team member’s home to recognize them for a milestone or a job well done. This could be a meal or meal service, alcohol, family activity, flowers, and more.

Seeking a more premium idea for rewarding and recognizing your teams? Why not consider hiring a guest speaker for a Zoom session exclusively for your staff to view from home. This could be someone to motivate them, inspire them, or just make them laugh. Consider having the session recorded if you are in a 24hr industry so those who missed the live session can still participate!

In addition, it is vital right now to encourage the physical, emotional, and mental health of all team members across all industries. Encourage your staff to eat well, get rest, take time off if they are sick, meditate, and exercise- we are all in this together.