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Unique solutions for recognizing essential employees during a global crisis

Fraser & Hoyt is committed to standing by employers during these challenging times, and we are pleased to offer one-on-one guidance to any employer who could benefit from our expertise. In addition, we are extending to new clients, reduced set-up fees for any points-based merchandise platform. We are here for you, and we will all get through this together.

Fraser & Hoyt Incentives stands firmly behind the essential workers of all industries who are putting their health and safety on the line every day for their communities. We understand that in these trying times it can become difficult to find the right ways to express gratitude to these essential workers, not only as employers, but as fellow citizens, family members, and friends.

While it can be hard to find the right words to thank your teams amidst this fight to flatten the curve on COVID-19, we have compiled some unique low-to-no cost ideas to make your essential staff feel more supported, more recognized, and cared for through actions. 

Unique No-Cost Solutions for Recognizing and Rewarding Your Essential Employees

  1. Stand in solidarity with your front-line workers by engaging ownership and management in day-to-day operations to show them that we are all in this together. Also, having management write LinkedIn recommendations, or personalized recommendation letters for their team members can show how much they value the success of the ongoing careers of their teams.
  2. Provide health tips, motivational articles, and encouraging messages regularly to employees. You may also consider having owners or upper management write personal notes to individual employees outlining their importance to the team.
  3. Public recognition through company blogs and social media channels is often encouraged to show team members the value of what they contribute, but consider a more personal means of highlighting team members who are going above and beyond by writing a personal note to their families or loved ones to express your gratitude for their impact and contributions to the company.

Unique Low-Cost Solutions for Recognizing and Rewarding Your Essential Employees

  1. Send a care package to the home of an employee you are looking to recognize with essential, indulgent or fun items.
  2. Do your team members work on their feet? Consider providing new insoles, shoes, or a budget for employees to upgrade their own to keep themselves comfortable and safe at work.
  3. Plan an Awards Show either held on an online platform like Zoom or Google Hangouts, or for post-pandemic as a team activity! Have team members submit nominations, vote on winners, and speculate red carpet looks. Consider creating fun categories for unique awards, as well as using that time to celebrate any employee milestones or achievements.

Considering a more premium incentive, reward, or recognition idea for your essential workers during this time? Consider ways to encourage your team members to spend time at home, safely isolating when not on duty, through providing subscriptions to paid content such as MasterClass, Crave TV, Netflix, or a health club providing classes online.

If you are looking to highlight some select employees you could also provide a week, or month of meal delivery boxes such as HelloFresh or local farm-to-table options to save them exposure and some grocery costs for their families.

In addition, it is vital right now to encourage the physical, emotional, and mental health of all team members across all industries. Encourage your staff to eat well, get rest, take time off if they are sick, meditate, and exercise- we are all in this together.