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Virtual Teaming Session, Anyone? 

Most of us have been working from home due to the pandemic for approximately 31 weeks and have experienced spring, summer and the onset of Fall from our ‘home office’.  If you are like our team, you have been missing those team bonding experiences that naturally (or strategically!) happen throughout the year. 

Our team likes to plan casual get togethers such as lunch in a park, at a local patio or skipping out for ice cream as a team on a beautiful afternoon. We also host a larger summer social afternoon get together to celebrate with great food, laughs, a few cocktails and some type of group interaction – life-size Jenga anyone? 

Our team has definitely been missing one another, but we’ve tried to not let remote working get in the way of our ‘teaming. Here are some of the virtual teaming ideas we’ve either successfully tried or are looking forward to trying out in the near future: 

  • Virtual Happy Hour – Have everyone join a zoom call with their favorite beverage and catch up on the social side of what everyone has been up to. You might even want to add a crowd sourced Spotify playlist! 
  • Hold a virtual ‘games’ afternoon such as trivia or bingo 
  • Bake or make a fun appetizer together – send everyone the ingredients needed in advance to pick up or take it up a notch and delivery everything needed to their door!  Everyone meets virtually to prepare and taste.  This can be done as a rotating event where everyone takes turns suggesting the dish to be made. 
  • Masterclass – any ‘couch’ experts out there on your teamLet them host a masterclass of their hobby – classes can be anything your team is involved in, but could include mask making, guitar lessons, home organization skills, a second language, etc. 
  • Karaoke anyone? Choose a favorite song and try to impress your team with your pipes! Scoring cards can be added to boost the competitive spirit.  

Whatever way you are working to bring your team together when they can’t physically be together is an opportunity for bonding, celebrating, and recognizing one another. We would love to hear about your own experiences and ideas! Connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter to show us how you are creating Covid Team Spirit!