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Spring Cleaning: Your Workspace, Decluttered

Spring has sprung! Whether you are still working from home, or are back in your office, be sure to make space on your spring-cleaning list for your workspace, too. What are the benefits of office spring-cleaning? Improved work performance, a stronger reputation among your co-workers, and a host of mental health benefits that you can read about in our blog post Spring Cleaning: Your Mind, Decluttered.

We know that making time for cleaning may not seem possible amongst your meetings, calls, and projects, but we are confident that by making (even incremental) time to declutter your workspace you will find your efficiency and ease of getting-it-done at work soar!

Let’s quickly take a look at the residual perks of decluttering our office and workspaces, and then we can strategize how to get it done:

  1. A surge in productivity
    When our workspace or office is organized and free of clutter it becomes easier to find exactly what we are looking for as we need it, eliminating time spent digging through drawers and piles of papers. A clean space reduces anxiety and allows us also to work from a place of calm; also offering less distractions for when we need focus most.
  2. A better impression on our peers
    While we hope our coworkers judge us on the work we contribute and our individual interpersonal relationships, Adecco found that 57% of Americans admit to judging their coworkers by the cleanliness of their workspace. A decluttered space inspires more confidence from our peers and a better trust in our capabilities on the job.
  3. An elevated mood
    We won’t spend much time on this one, you can read all about it in our blog post Spring Cleaning: Your Mind, Decluttered here.

So, how do you tackle getting organized?

  1. Go get yourself inspired
    Take some time leading up to organizing your space to make a little mood board, or find a piece of art, plant, or other object to inspire what you might like your space to reflect. As a bonus consider incentivizing yourself to get it done by buying something new for your office space as a reward for finishing.
  2. Think about the “you” that you are organizing for
    Growth is a mindset that we always should find ourselves in, especially when it comes to our careers. Think about your goals for the upcoming year and work to create a space that caters to them and to your changing needs. Your workspace should reflect where you are headed, not where you have already been. Out with the old things that no longer serve you and in with what you need to thrive tomorrow!
  3. Take it one piece at a time
    You don’t need to organize everything all at once. Make a plan with a deadline and start with one section at a time, completing each section as you have the energy to. This could mean organizing one drawer, an entire filing cabinet, or shelving unit at a time. Make the increments a size you feel confident you can handle and hold yourself accountable for executing the entire plan.
  4. Infuse your space with some joy
    You know what they say about all work and no play… be sure to add some personal touches to your space that make you smile, inspire, or excite you. Consider updating your desk décor or adding a new piece of art, a plant, updated photos of loved ones or another treasured object to your space to feel more comfortable and personally connected to where you work.

Whether your office area needs a little refresh or a complete overhaul, we are certain that your spring clean will bring with it renewed energy, focus, and enthusiasm for what you do today and every day. Don’t forget to reward yourself for a job well done!